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Spelling Updates

PostPosted: 18.04.2015, 14:42
by a1k3m1
Hello everyone,

I brought the Walking Dead Game a few weeks ago now and completely love it!!..

Then I came across Nikolai's Expansion and fell in love with it all over again!, You have done a great job Nikolai and I am very thankful for all your great effort.

I have a suggestion or more of a correction really, and I am not sure if you have discovered it just yet. With the "Sewer Traveling" walker card, I noticed that the word 'Sewers' in the description of the card is not spelt correctly. :lol: Just thought I would bring it to your attention for a future update/release.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to any future updates!!!! 8-)

Re: Spelling Updates

PostPosted: 22.05.2015, 23:06
by Nikolai Schwarzl

Sorry for my late answer. I was very busy the last weeks.

Thank you for all your kind words. Glad you have fun with the board game. ;-)

My native language is german, so there can be some more spelling and grammatical errors in the game. But thanks for clearing up! :-)

Unfortunately the project is closed and so there won't be more updates in the future. I am currently developing my very own TWD Game, so there is no more time for this one. Sorry.

Some pictures taken from the new game:

Enjoy and have fun playing! :-)