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[INCIDENT Cards] Questions

PostPosted: 12.05.2014, 18:55
by Nikolai Schwarzl
- For the zombified character, I think you can find a zombified Shane version (as he was zombified in the show) on google, didnt you find it ?

Zombified Shane and Dale are done by myself in my new game, but I didn't import them into Streets of Atlanta. The released files are done some time ago and are being tested some weeks ago. It was never planned to release update v2.17, but it was a lot of fun to play with it and I don't want to withhold the incident system to you guys. This project is closed and I don't think, that there will be more content. Not enough time to do two board games and other projects. ;)

- Car Alarm card : "Roll the incident die until you get number between 1 and 4". What happened if you roll 1, do you pick another Incident card ? And can you place it on whatever Crossroad tile you want (1, 2, 3 or 4) ? And just to be clear, if you roll a 2 on the incident die, then all strength encounters on this crossroad map tile will be 2+1=3 additionnal strength ? TOUGH !

No, you don't have to draw a new card with a 1. Rolling the die with FIRE and CAR ALARM is only to determine a crossroads tile #number. You only draw an Incident Card (with a roll of 1) on the start of your turn! If an INCIDENT Card tells you to roll the incident die, a "1" is only a result.

- Gas explosion card : If you pick this card, you have to stop before the sewer (even if you roll a number that would make you past it), but no one draw any encounter card for the whole turn correct ?

Correct. You have to stop before the Sewer Space. Missed that one in the Card Text.

- Fire card : Same than Car Alarm, if you roll 1, do you pick another Incident ? And can we choose which crossroads ? And why adding the result of your rolled incident die to the card on crossroad map ? It only removes 1 on all movement right ? And if any player rolls a 6 incident time (anytime, even not on crossroad map tile), the card is discarded right ?

The Fire is burning as long as someone is rolling a 6 with the incident die on a turn. On any 6, discard the Fire Incident Card. As long as the fire burns, all movement on this tile is -1, even on entering.

- He is coming for us card : What the meaning of "every incident die" ? Dont you move the walker with the just rolled incident die result ? And what happened if walker is not killed, does someone need to move it after ? If so which player ? If no one controls it, I dont see how can it be killed ?

If this card will be drawn, spawn a default walker on a nearest Walker Spawn Space. (to the player, who has drawn the card). Now move this walker with every roll of the incident die done on players turns. For example, the next player rolls a 3 on the start of his turn. Now immediately move the walker 3 spaces to the nearest survivor. So the walker moves on EVERY turn, until he finally reaches a survivor. If he reaches a survivor, this survivor has to fight off immediately the walker. If he kills the walker, the walker will be removed. If not, the walker stays in play and the survivor suffers a bite. Please note, you are only allowed to play Scrounge Cards, no Fate Cards in this fight.

- Hidden survivor : Same question for crossroads and additional incident picked

Roll the die, until you get a result between 1-4! Place an Ally Token on the center space of that Crossroad Tile #number.

- Rage : If you roll a 1 with incident die on attack, do you pick an incident card ?

No, you only draw an Incident Card on the start of your turn! If you roll a 1 with an active RAGE Card, add a 1 to all your combat rolls, if you have no allies and FATE Cards left.

Re: [INCIDENT Cards] Questions

PostPosted: 12.05.2014, 19:16
by Joffrey
Thanks for all the clarification ! :)

INCIDENT Cards Questions

PostPosted: 12.08.2019, 09:41
by Kammaky
Has anyone got examples of these Universal Mail or DX Mail stamps used to addresses other than Europe?

I would like to se how cards to Canada, USA, South America, Japan, India or other countries are routed.