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Unable to find the game

PostPosted: 30.01.2014, 01:41
by seven00
Hi I'm from Mexico and I've been trying to get the game for about 6 months now, but there are no stores in my city that sell it and even tough you can find it in the US, its very expensive for me to get it that way. Its embarrasing to ask this but I was considering printing it, the thing is that I dont know how many cards of each specific type should I print, like how many axes or shotguns, etc. I try google but I can't seem to find this specific info.

So I was wondering if anyone could provide me this info.

Thanks and I'm really sorry to ask you for this, I promise that as soon as I have the money, I will buy the real game.

Re: Unable to find the game

PostPosted: 30.01.2014, 21:59
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Hello seven00!

Welcome to the board and your interest in playing the game.

You can try to find your copy of the game via

Only with the expansion you will miss a lot of cards, like Walker Cards! There are many cards, which are not in the expansion, because they are in the original game, but you need them. Trust me, you can't play the expansion without the original game. Further I am only allowed to distribute this fan expansion to people who own the original game. I am not allowed to distribute a digital copy of the content from the original game. I am very sorry, but that's the deal with Cryptozoic Entertainment. Otherwise I will get in legal trouble.

Here is the content of the original game:

Hope you can get your copy of the original game soon. Good luck! :)


UPDATE: I asked Matt in the official forums. Maybe he can give us some advise.

Re: Unable to find the game

PostPosted: 31.01.2014, 15:57
by seven00
I understand, I will save for some time to buy the copy trough Amazon. Thanks for the info and the atention. As soon as I get it, I will print and play with your expansion, great work!

Re: Unable to find the game

PostPosted: 31.01.2014, 21:29
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Thanks! You are welcome! :)

If I get some reply from Matt for an alternative seller in Mexico, I will post it here.

Re: Unable to find the game

PostPosted: 01.02.2014, 14:42
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Got an answer on the official forums:

Matt Hyra wrote:Not easy, but possible.
He will need to talk to a hobby shop that carries English games. The retailer can special order one if need be from his distributor. Even if the hobby shop doesn't regularly carry hobby games doesn't mean you can't ask them to order one for you.

Other than that, Amazon or a online hobby shop should be able to ship to Mexico. There are Walmarts in Mexico, right? Try there.

Good luck! :)

Unable to find the game

PostPosted: 08.08.2019, 06:22
by Kammaky
I dont want to sound pessimist but it seems like, they only got whatever IGG had... and it seems they only plan to keep running the game without any additional improvement, update, progress... Time will tell