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[WD Comic BG] Fan-made expansion

PostPosted: 13.05.2014, 14:25
by Joffrey
Hi there,

I assume you guys are interested in Walking Dead if you're on this forum, and interested in board games as well.

After this great expansion that our friend Nikolai provided, I thought do some things on the board game of the comic version.

I worked with 1-2 fans from the US to provide for the comic BG : new and modified starting characters, new followers, and new encounters.

I initially started it by creating Michonne, then another fan created a bunch of new starters, followers and encounters. Then a 3rd dude shows up and we updated, modified, and optimized the initial creations to give something closer to our feeling of this BG and closer from the WD comic "spirit".

You may disagree with some of the proposed cards, even if we went through a lot of discussions between us to give the best we could.

Though, if ever you're interested in it, you can have a look on this link : ... english-an

I provided the cards of this post in both english and french.

Here are some cards for illustrations. The artwork surely isnt as good as Nikolai's, but I'm not very used to Picture software (used GIMP for these), so did the best I could :mrgreen:

Some of the new starters :

Some of the new followers :
Image ImageImage

Some of the new encounters :
Image Image

Hope you guys will like it !

Greets from France :)

Re: [WD Comic BG] Fan-made expansion

PostPosted: 13.05.2014, 20:55
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Looks awesome! I know the original cards, so all I can say, great work... at least for the visual look, because I don't understand one single word. :lol: (never had french)

Keep up the work! :)

Re: [WD Comic BG] Fan-made expansion

PostPosted: 14.05.2014, 13:33
by Joffrey
Thanks for the kind words.

I started creating english cards yesterday, and will probably finish starting characters today or tomorrow, I'll update my first post so that it will be easier to understand :)

Then other cards will follow !

Re: [WD Comic BG] Fan-made expansion

PostPosted: 19.05.2014, 13:38
by Joffrey
I took the time to do the full translation (edited my first post as well), you guys can all understand now :mrgreen: ... english-an

Re: [WD Comic BG] Fan-made expansion

PostPosted: 20.05.2014, 21:12
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Nice! Shiva kicks ass! :)