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Patch v2.16 FINAL

PostPosted: 23.05.2013, 00:29
by Nikolai Schwarzl

  • RULE changed: It's impossible to move in a dead end, if there is still movement left. This is an exploit fix for T-Dogs Special Ability.
  • FATE Card "Adrenaline Kick" changed: If you have no allies left and less or equal 3 Scrounge Cards in your hand, you may add +4 to your movement roll AND +2 to your attack die on the next strength encounter.
  • FATE Cards "Grimes Family", "The Kind-Hearted", "When the going gets tough", "Greene Union" changed: Choose either xxx, xxx or xxx in your region to help you with an additional attack roll after your own attack roll. You may add his or her attack die to your roll.
  • MISC: Changed names of some Fate- and Encounter Cards.
  • MAP Tile changed: Prison Map Tile Redesigned
  • FATE Card "Alternative Plan" changed: Put the bottom card of the Scrounge card discard pile into your hand.
  • Boss ENCOUNTER Card "The Governor" changed: You don't suffer two bites instant on failing on one walker card anymore. You will suffer one bite on each Walker Card. The Gorvernor will not remove the Prison Map Tile anymore on failing the encounter.
  • RULE changed: Prison Map Tile can be placed everywhere
  • FATE Card "Where is it gone?!" changed: Move the prison map tile to any other spot on the map.
  • ENCOUNTER Card "City Walker" changed: Strength 5 (-1)