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About this expansion

PostPosted: 29.05.2013, 00:18
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Hello fellow Board Gamers, greetings from Austria!

Me and my friends are big fans of The Walking Dead. So we bought Cryptozoics Board Game and we had a lot of fun with it. After many hours of playing, the gameplay became some sort of repetitive. I created new static maps, some new encounters and modified the game for up to 6 players. Because beloved characters like Daryl or Michonne are missing, I added them too.

But there is more potential in this game. We expanded Matt Hyra's great Board Game and added a lot of stuff like Map tiles and Fate Cards. With the new content, the gameplay became more unpredictable and interesting.

After more than a half year of testing many versions of the game, we are proud to share this content with other The Walking Dead Fans. Special thanks to my main Testplayers: Thomas Hackl, Claudia Hackl, Bernhard Schottmeier, Jennifer Bauer, Marcel Harb, Oliver Leitgeb, Patrick Weber

But this is not over yet. I still have many ideas to create more content for the Board Game, if there is enough time and money. ;)

I hope, you will be excited with the new content and I wish you a lot of fun with the content. If you like it, please share this site with other fans and support this project. :)

Nikolai Schwarzl


- Full 6 Player Support (original max. 4 Players)
More Player means more Action. Dive in the world of The Walking Dead with your friends.

- Altered all Character-Cards for the look of Season 3!
Character Plates have the actual look of the show and a zombified version on the backside.

- Updated special abilities for each characters
Each character has his unique matching special ability.

- Added 20 Scrounge Cards
For six player support!

- Added 6 new playable Characters
Choose Daryl, T-Dog, Michonne, Maggie, Carl and Hershel

- Added 4 Zombie character pieces inclusive female zombies and zombified version of the survivors
You can choose more default Zombie Pieces to hunt the survivors or switch to the zombified version of your character.

- Added 6 Special Ability Tokens
Now you can track, if a special ability has been used up.

- Added 1 Team Zombie, 1 Team Survivor Token, 8 Ally Tokens and 8 Location Tiles
For six player support!

- Added new Encounter Cards
More variety of Walkers will try to kill you on the streets.

- Replaced original map with 16 Map Tiles for a new random map every game
You don't longer need the original Game Board. With 16 Street-Squares called Map Tiles you build a different Atlanta each game. Every new game needs a new strategy.

- Added 2 new Corner Locations: The Fuel Station and the Pawn Shop
Introducing new Locations to the game. With the Pawn Shop, you can get Fate Cards or your Special Ability back. Or you decide to visit the Fuel Station to get more movement with Jerry Cans. You still need only 4 Locations. It's your decision.

- Added 2 minor new Buildings: Motorcycle Shop and Firestation
These buildings can upgrade your character, if you got the special Fate Card in your hand.

- Added 12 Jerrycans for the Fuel Station
Jerry Cans are everywhere in Atlanta. You can collect Jerry Cans for the Fuel Station to provide your character a faster movement. But watch out, other survivors want them too.

- Added 27 different types of FATE Cards for advanced strategy (total 45 cards)
This is a brand new deck of cards. Fate Cards are kept hidden in your hand and can be played on yourself or on other survivors. Some are good, some are nasty. Are you a good guy or a bad one?

- Added 18 different types of INCIDENT Cards for unpredictable board incidents (total 20 cards)
This is also a brand new deck of cards. Incident Cards are drawn, if you roll a 1 on the incident die. The card will tell you, what happens to the board, survivors and/or walkers. They may be good or bad. You may change your strategy to some incidents.

- Added Prison Map Tile (Alternate Camp)
You can head back with your 4 Locations to the Camp or try the saver way to the new Prison. But be carefull, the prison has many fences and you have to stop many times to get into the building.

- Added 6 different new Walker Cards
Walker Player get 6 new different Walker Cards to kill the remaining survivors

- New Sewer System
Walkers can use Sewers to move quickly through Atlanta to head up the survivors.

- Added New Encounter Boss Cards: Walker Herd, The Governor and Merle Dixon
With the new encounters, there are Boss Fights. Fight together against the Walker Herd or battle with another survivor with Merle Dixon. But be aware, the Governor is out there and he is unpredictable and dangerous.

IMPORTANT/DISCLAIMER: This site and the expansion is unofficial. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers. No copyright infringement is intended.

About this expansion

PostPosted: 10.08.2019, 01:25
by Kammaky
lambdawars.exe is the same binary as used for Alien Swarm, except renamed different icon. I will try it out at a later point with AVG.

About this expansion

PostPosted: 16.08.2019, 14:05
by Michaelzed
that happens on boards and 2p2 sometimes too, i think its just a bug within the forum software rather than something that could be fixed on this site.

About this expansion

PostPosted: 16.08.2019, 14:25
by Fanniedeada
Rook, and Decard has 24-hour games done in this way.

However, I dont think I have what it takes to do it, mostly because of illegible handwriting. I could maybe scratch out symbols.

Havent we talked about word-free games before? Or was it number-free games?

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