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UPGRADE v2.16 -> v2.17

PostPosted: 12.05.2014, 00:10
by Nikolai Schwarzl
Introducing the new incident system with 2.17 the board will encounter more action and unpredictable incidents. These incidents can be good or bad, for walkers and/or survivors.

I know some of you already spent money and time (cutting) to complete your expansion and now you have to do some work again. It's up to you to upgrade. ;)

If you already own the expansion (v2.16) you only need these 6 new files to apply the new upgrade. However some are just for visual improvements. Just read the changes to learn more.

Changes: Added new spaces for the incident card piles to the Card Deck Board and a graphic backside.

Changes: Added Zombified Pawn Movers. If you turn into a Walker, change your Pawn to the Zombie Version of your character. (Community Wish)

Changes: Glue the zombified version of your character on the back of your existing character plate. Flip over the plate, if you turn into a walker. (Community Wish)

Changes: The new incident deck. You will need an additional 6 sided die. (1D6) Grab one from another game. ;)

Changes: The location tiles now have a graphic on their backside. Just a visual improvement.

Changes: Updates to the rulebook regarding the incident system.